Miel Reina Kilama
Reina Kilama Sociedad Cooperativa


Spanish company producer of honey, pollen and beeswax, was set up in 1997, and it started to work with 25 beekeepers, who believed in the project of a beekeeping cooperative company.
As a result of its success from the beginning, Reina Kilama can now be proud of representing over 150 partners. Ther are the responsible for bringing to our facilities the products the collect from their beehives. The origin of Reina Kilama’s name is the place where our business headquarters are located, in San Miguel de Valero (Salamanca, Spain).

The Sierra de las quilamas, the excepcional location where we are placed, is well known for its variety of flora and the quality of the honey and pollen which are produced here.
The quality of the Reina Kilama products is well known worldwide. We have customers in many different countries, where naturalness and the guarantee that our products offer are highly appreciated.

The modern facilities of Reina Kilama are perfectly equipped and prepared for handling with the maximum care the honey and pollen that our partner bring. Our aim is to be sure that the properties of these products keep pure, preserving the maximum quality and naturalness of our products.

Miel Reina Kilama
Miel Reina Kilama

Reina Kilama has an equipped laboratory, adapted with the most recent technology in beekeeping analysis, a cleaning and pollen selection plan, a packing and labelling plant, a besswax processing plant, a conference room, two warehouses, offices and a¡n exhibition shop where we sell our products.

In Reina Kilama we work continuously to publicize our company all over the world and carry on increasing our international presence.

Currently, Reina Kilama is among the leading producers of natural honey in Spain and the largest pollen producer in Europe.